To commemorate its ten-year anniversary this summer, Cimpress’ Windsor plant marked many impressive achievements:

  • Over 700% increase in their customer base, from 2 million to 16.7
  • An expansion in real estate from 1 building totaling 67,000 square feet, to 4 adding up to over 562,000
  • An 81 percent growth in daily holiday peak clicks in Digital in the last 4 years (at 5,600,000 in 2014)

The team noted exciting launches through the years including the launch of photo processing (2006), textiles (2007), folded business cards (2010), embroidery (2011) premium finishes (2013) and large format (2015).

Vice President Plant Director Larry Reid took pride in the plant’s increasing customer attentiveness, something they’re continuously working to improve. “From a cultural viewpoint, there’s an increased focus on the customer, increased attention to detail.” For example, Reid described a product line for which every customer order is checked for accuracy, with the customer CARE team contacting those customers who had made questionable choices (such as unusual spellings) just to be sure that was their intent.

With remarkable growth in space, offerings, customer numbers and quality of service, the Windsor team members had much to celebrate. And celebrate they did. Festivities on May 28th and 30th included a party for every shift, including ice cream and cake served by the leadership team. Team members were honored with individualized embroidered coats, reflecting Cimpress’ mass customization model.

Windsor team members also took a walk down memory lane and documented their most favorite memories while at the Windsor manufacturing plant. They attached post-it notes describing these memories to a tree painted on the wall for the occasion.


The sticky-note “leaves” capture the enthusiasm and energy at Windsor, helping explain the success of the plant. Memories from the team included: “Watching us grow with the opening of each new building AND great holiday parties.” Several nostalgically reflected on “the day I got hired.” Team-building activities also shared space among team’s best-loved moments, including the Ice Bucket Challenge (2015), House of Pong, Bubble Soccer Champs for Heart and Stroke (2015) and the Rusty Blades Tournament (2014).

The most colorful expressions of pride and enjoyment took place in the photo booth, an aspect of the celebrations Reid described as “wildly successful.” Perhaps there’s no better illustration of the Windsor staff’s joy in their accomplishments—and excitement for the next decade—than these images: