Cimpress is an ever-evolving company, which I believe offers a unique opportunity to younger people beginning their careers.

I joined Cimpress in 2012, on the recommendation from a friend of mine who had just completed an internship here. Having studied Economics and Finance in school, the role at Cimpress couldn’t have been further removed from my studies, but I’m so grateful I took the leap and haven’t looked back since.

If you’d told me at the age of 22 that, within five years, I’d find myself traversing across three different roles and as many business functions, I would not have believed it possible, but that’s exactly what happened. Starting in employee learning & development, I moved into HR project management and eventually landed in corporate communications where I happily sit today. Each of these roles afforded me the opportunity to develop new skills, learn from others, and discover what I enjoyed doing the most. And I’ve been fortunate enough to work with teams all over the world from Jamaica, to Spain, to Australia and Tunisia.

It’s no secret that Cimpress is a rapidly evolving company. When I joined, we were Vistaprint and 3,000 team members. Five years later, we are now Cimpress, with over 25 brands – and I have 10,000 colleagues! To work here, you need to embrace change. That’s why we have such a dynamic and open-minded workforce. Our goals are incredibly ambitious, and thanks to our agile work practices and emphasis on entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunities to gain experience are immense.

My job in communications is one of constantly inquiring, listening and learning. I feel very fortunate at my level to have what I’d call a “front row ticket” to senior leaders across the business. There are many companies of our size who wouldn’t afford such open and transparent access to someone at my level. Every day is an educational experience and because my job is to tell stories across multiple platforms, that means I’m constantly learning new and exciting things about the business.

Looking back, I’m glad I listened to my friend’s advice. I know from my own experience just how much Cimpress offers its younger employees. Our internship program is a great way to get a feel for our company and I’d encourage anyone seeking a fast-paced, challenging, multi-discipline career to check it out.


Contributed by Katie McNiff, Senior Communications Specialist