The Cimpress Women in Technology group kicked of their new Speaker Series last month with Vistaprint President and Cimpress Management Board member, Trynka Shineman. Trynka had an open dialogue with the group and answered questions that focused on her career path, leadership, and work-life management. Trynka also shared some tips on finding work/life balance that anyone might find useful.

Here is Trynka’s top 10:

  1. Batch your time. Try leaving the office at a reasonable hour most days, and then stay late to focus on important projects.
  2. Be deliberate about your priorities. Know what is most important to you so you can plan around it.
  3. Plan in advance – at least 6 months. Be deliberate in planning your personal time off and put it in your calendar. ,
  4. Use technology to help enable your work, and block time to focus on your most important projects
  5. Revisit existing routines instead of simply defaulting to old habits.
  6. Take time for preventative health (and maintenance!).
  7. Value your time. Leverage your network of colleagues. Multitask & outsource where possible.
  8. Own your decisions. Don’t be apologetic or second-guess.
  9. Master the art of unplugging. Stop the ‘always-on’ cycle!
  10. Find an equal partner and make time for your relationship (date night!).
  11. Bonus: Always ask others for tips & advice.

When closing the session, Trynka encouraged young women in technology, and all Cimpress team members, to have a point of view and hold on to it. Be open to the choices and tradeoffs that need to happen to get things done!



Sreeja Kaimal
Quality Engineer II