Ever need to just take a break? Disconnect from work, enjoy time with family and friends, maybe even take that vacation you’ve put off for years? Here at Cimpress, we believe allowing our people to take a well-earned break is key to our overall success. That’s why we offer the ultimate “break” for our employees.

The Break, formally called Vistabreak, is a sabbatical-like benefit that enables recipient employees to take time away from work to rest and rejuvenate or to explore personal or professional interests while receiving full pay and benefits. The Break is one of the many ways Cimpress aims to motivate and recognize employees who have a proven track record of successful achievement in our performance-driven culture.

After five years of full-time employment with Cimpress, and every five years after, many Cimpress employees are eligible to take their very own “Break.” The length of the break varies in each of our global offices. Lexington, Massachusetts employees, for example, are awarded a 4-week (yes, 4-week!) long paid sabbatical as a thank you for their dedication and service as a Cimpress employee.

From backpacking across Europe, to staying home with the family, breaks vary dramatically from employee to employee. Nonetheless, each break is full of memorable adventures, relaxation and much deserved time disconnected from the workplace.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog series, “How I Spent My Cimpress Break,” showcasing the adventurous breaks taken by our employees. Some are first time breakers, while others celebrated their 10-year anniversary with Cimpress and recently returned from their second break! Breaks included hiking in Glacier National Park, vacationing in Disney World, villas in Tuscany, driving cross-country, and stay-cationing at home while moving into a new home!


BritBrittany Broderick Phototany Broderick is an Associate for Cimpress’ Human Resources team in Lexington, Massachusetts. Always eager to answer the question, “Do you like your job?” and share stories of Cimpress’ exciting culture and initiatives. Brittany is also an avid reader who loves any outdoor activity and will forever be a Cape Cod girl at heart.