Supply Chain Partnerships

“Suppliers partner with Cimpress because of our scale and growth, and because we firmly believe a world class Supply Chain is critical to our future success.”
Robert Keane, CEO

Why Partner With Cimpress

Cimpress empowers customers to make an impression when it matters most. It’s what we’re most passionate about. Our computer integrated manufacturing capabilities and our scale enable us to produce millions of highly customized orders in small quantities. As we grow, companies that specialize in cutting edge manufacturing and cost competitive, high quality material supply will play an important role in helping our customers make an impression.


Leverage Cimpress’ scale and broad customer base to support stable business planning through a constant order stream.


Partner with Cimpress to develop innovative product and Supply Chain solutions to generate win/win situations by optimizing costs and driving efficiencies.


Be part of the continued success story of the world leader in mass customization.

Our Supply Chain Partners

Today we are already partnering with a number of well-established printing companies and a wide variety of material suppliers to support our vast network.

Become part of it!

Interested In Partnering?

Are you interested in becoming a Supply Chain Partner, either as a Contract Manufacturer or a Material Supplier?

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If you would like to learn more about our business and the way we work with partners, you can review our: