The world has changed dramatically.  The way people interact has changed.  We see it all around us.  The move to digital has connected the world, but in many important ways, we’re more disconnected than ever.  The digital world is powerful, in part because it enables the ability to connect with a wide audience with speed and flexibility.

What’s missing from the digital experience is that it lacks that tangible connection. It lacks the ability to touch and feel….something. Businesses and consumers around the world have given up that tangible connection in exchange for the speed and flexibility of digital communications.

At Cimpress we believe that communicating unique, personalized ideas in a way that is tangible and enduring (what we call making an impression) remains important. Simply put, physical matters. So does working for a company that enables people to express themselves in a physical form: to make a connection.

At Cimpress, we’re harnessing the power of the Internet to enable customers to make a unique, tangible impression that is affordable. We bring together that very real sense of connection, with the intuitive ease and personalization that people have come to expect from today’s digital world.

Cimpress empowers millions of people, including unflagging small business owners, hardworking volunteers, committed team members and caring family members, to make an impression in ways that are palpable, enduring and real.

We’ve got more impressions to make and we’re looking for people who understand the value of physical impressions to join our team. View our open opportunities and apply.