Last week I was in Munich, Germany, speaking to more than 200 printers at the Online Print Symposium. In my presentation, I outlined the importance of ‘coopetition’ in the printing industry and the need to embrace diverse partnership opportunities. This is something the technology industry has done for years and something Cimpress believes will greatly benefit the printing industry.

A central point of my presentation was the fact that Cimpress’ success and growth is built on effective collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships, both of which are fundamental components of our overall business model and strategy. We realized long ago that ‘coopetition’ and the business mindset that goes along with it, is exactly what we need to help us achieve our goals, while simultaneously delivering the support and services that others need to improve and evolve their own businesses.

This idea of partnership is where the mass customization platform we are building becomes so important.

Our platform will provide the infrastructure, technology and software that might not ordinarily be available or financially accessible to our partners. By working together with multiple merchants, suppliers, fulfillers and other stakeholders right across the full spectrum of the industry, we give our brands and partners the opportunity to leverage not only our revolutionary platform, but our global manufacturing footprint and distribution networks. This, in turn, helps them to accelerate the growth of their own businesses, by increasing their product portfolios and providing opportunities to expand into new, previously out-of-reach markets.

This may be an industry that is facing a lot of change, but we believe that it is an industry full of opportunity for decades to come. By embracing coopetition and by partnering, we can improve the way customers are served, and together, we will all benefit.


Will Jacobs
Senior Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer