Our Platform

The engine behind every customer order.

Our Mass Customization Platform

Last year we served nearly 17 million customers, took more than 30 million orders and produced 46 million uniquely designed, customized items. How is that possible when each and every one of these is different and highly customized?

Behind our mass customization platform lie more than 200 patents, a $1.3 billion investment in technology and development and capital expenditures, 2,000 manufacturing and technology professionals and unmatched computer-integrated manufacturing capabilities.

As we bring our technology and operational capabilities together into a software-driven network that will dynamically aggregate orders originating from our brands, we will achieve a step-function improvement in customer value and competitive advantage relative to what could be achieved with the volumes of any single brand that operated independently.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

We operate manufacturing facilities all over the world in addition to maintaining a network of production partners to create customized products for customers on-demand.

The capabilities we have in manufacturing are best illustrated by the numbers.