Our Focus

Mass Customization

Welcome to the 'Me' Economy

We are living in an era where people prize self-expression. They have come to view the goods they buy as an extension of themselves and their business or organization – a way to convey their individuality or to celebrate their association with something.

Customized products in small quantities were historically too expensive. Until now.

Mass customization is the ability to produce small, customized orders of physical products with the reliability, quality and affordability of traditional mass production. It’s what makes customization possible for everyone, enabling individuals and businesses to create, decorate, personalize and design their own products and buy those products affordably, in the small quantities they want – often just one.

“From marketing materials, invitations, packaging and signage that is multiple stories high; to balloons, apparel, and even individual “living logos” made of moss or lysine; the possibilities are endless today and unimaginable in the future.”

Robert Keane, CEO