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Our Businesses


More than a dozen Cimpress businesses collectively serve tens of millions of customers every year. Each business tailors its unique value proposition to the needs of customers in that particular market. We manage our businesses in a decentralized, autonomous manner so as to ensure we remain close to our customers, focused and entrepreneurial.

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Printi is one of the Americas' leading online printing company offering a broad portfolio of customizable, printed products including business cards, flyers, labels, banners, and more. Based in Brazil, Printi serves customers in both Brazil and the United States.




Tradeprint is a leading online trade printer in the UK, serving local printers, print buyers and graphic arts professionals. Tradeprint offers customized products including flyers, leaflets, business cards, booklets, posters, letterheads and more.




YSD provides end-to-end mass customization solutions to brands and IP owners in China, supporting multiple channels including retail stores, websites, WeChat and e-commerce platforms. YSD helps brands and IP owners to provide high-end customization services, enhance brand awareness and competitiveness, and develop new markets.


What’s happened recently?

Stories, updates and happenings from around our businesses.

Cimpress Entrepreneurs: Mate Pencz and Florian Hagenbuch of Printi on risk-taking, customer empathy, and flexibility

Working Here|

Mate Pencz (left) and Florian Hagenbuch (right) of Printi went from working as finance analysts in London to becoming risk-taking entrepreneurs in Brazil. Here they discuss how the risk and the challenges eventually paid off. At Cimpress, we talk a lot about “staying small as we get big”. This means [...]

Meet Rafal Nowosielski, a Lead Software Engineer at Cimpress Technology

Technology, Working Here|

Interested in learning more about our company? Check out some of our employees' experiences working at Cimpress Technology in their different roles! This month, we feature Rafal Nowosielski, a Lead Software Engineer at our offices in Winterthur, Switzerland

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