Across Cimpress, we continually evaluate the way we work to ensure we continue to innovate, challenge the status-quo and remain energized. One of the best ways to do this is to look outside our own company, and even visit other organizations for inspiration.


Softonic, Barcelona, Spain


In Barcelona, several Vistaprint leaders visited local software company Softonic, a company with the largest app and software platform in the world.

We observed the way Softonic works, and discussed successes and pitfalls Softonic teams had experienced. We even found some parallels in ideas that are embraced across both organizations – risk-taking, customer centricity and innovation.


Menlo Innovations, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Menlo Innovations is a company that builds custom software for its clients, and uniquely, applies agile principles to all aspects of its work (not just in its software development).

When we visited, we got to see core agile ideas in action such as self-organized teams, making work visible, fast learning, and gathering continuous input from customers. These ideas are described in more depth in the book, Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love written by Menlo cofounder and CEO Richard Sheridan.

While not all of the practices observed are a one size fits all, we’re excited to adapt our favorites (like experimentation and fast learning, and team member pairing) to fit our business and culture.


Wayfair, Boston, MA


Our ‘Women in Technology’ group paired up with local tech companies Akamai, Hubspot, Tripadvisor and Wayfair at Wayfair’s headquarters in downtown Boston for a joint professional development event ‘Women@work’. There were panel discussions, keynote speakers, and most valuable, the opportunity to network and talk with professionals from companies that have similarly disrupted industries.

We are proud of the company and culture we maintain at Cimpress. We also know that it’s important to continually grow and evolve to be the best employer we can be and to deliver the most value for our customers. Looking outward has been inspiring and we’re looking forward to where we go next.