Although Cimpress brands operate independently, we share common mindsets and work towards common goals, such as our companywide commitment to mass customization and our strong focus on our customers.

Cimpress is comprised of over 20 brands, each with its own value proposition and unique set of customers, serving millions each year. To do this successfully requires a deep understanding of our customers. With 10,000 team members based all over the world, a group as diverse as those we serve, we’ve come up with many ways to better understand our customers. Here are a few examples.


Getting a hand on our products: Manila’s product showroom

Being a mass customization company, you might imagine we show up for work head to toe in customized, embroidered apparel and sit down at our desks filled with personalized office supplies. While we do get the occasional company swag, with thousands of product SKUs – and new products being introduced every quarter – it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest products.

In Manila, to help our design specialists stay close to the products we offer, they created a showroom where team members can touch, pick up, and observe our full breadth of products. Experiencing them in-person helps our specialists connect how the designs they create look on different products, and how they can best support customers’ goals.


Step into the customer experience: Ahmedabad’s Customer Connect booth

In Ahmedabad, our production artists have a Customer Connect booth (a designated workstation) for quick and easy access to resources and educational materials and data. Customer satisfaction reports, recorded customer calls, videos, tips and insights are right at their fingertips. These provide our team members with a more holistic picture of a customer’s experience, and the role they play in making that experience as great as possible.


Cut right to the chase and meet face to face: Waltham’s customer roundtable

Analyzing feedback is a great way to deepen our understanding of customers – but there’s no substitute for the real thing. Meeting face to face with our customers increases our empathy and understanding, and inspires our work.

Team members in our Waltham office periodically invite local business owners to lunch for a roundtable conversation on a specific topic and to test new business concepts. It not only benefits us in discovering more about our customers and what they’re trying to achieve, but for them, it’s an opportunity to connect and share ideas with other small business owners and to tell us how we can support them better.


Be a partner and a resource: Printdeal’s Print & Inspire event

While our customers know their own business best, our team members are marketing experts, branding experts, and experts on the products and services we provide. Through a balance of listening, educating and guiding, we develop our relationships as a partner and a resource for customers.

In the Netherlands, Printdeal team members organized an event called Print & Inspire. Most of Printdeal’s customers are graphic professionals, and the event featured workshops with industry experts, demos, creative inspiration, and more.  By bringing many graphic design individuals together, they are extending the resources they have and helping everyone to be more successful as a community.


The bigger picture

At Cimpress, no matter how removed we are from customer interactions day to day, we always try to keep them at the center of what we do. It can be a challenge, but it’s important to view our work in the context of something bigger. It keeps us inspired to continuously improve in function of creating something better for our customers.