In 2011 we committed to extending our growth via a multi-pronged plan. VistaPrint would build manufacturing into a pillar of our competitive advantage, make customer centricity core to our culture, and invest in advertising based on the lifetime value of customers rather than on shorter-term returns. Beyond VistaPrint we would expand into new markets and business models. Across the company, we would rapidly expand our technology, finance, talent management, strategy and other support teams. And we would commit to making financial decisions based on the long-term returns, not quarterly or annual financial results.

As our company expanded in multiple directions, in 2014 we changed our corporate-holding company name to Cimpress to clarify the distinction between the corporate entity and the company’s growing portfolio of customer-facing businesses.

Today’s Cimpress spans more than a dozen businesses and operations across more than 20 countries. Our revenues are growing each year by about as much as the value of our entire annual revenues of just a decade or so ago.