In 2011 we committed to extending our growth via a multi-pronged plan. VistaPrint would build manufacturing into a pillar of our competitive advantage, make customer centricity core to our culture, and invest in advertising based on the lifetime value of customers rather than on shorter-term returns. Beyond VistaPrint we would expand into new markets and business models. Across the company, we would rapidly expand our [...]

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Customers loved VistaPrint. We worked around the clock: recruiting great team members and expanding our products, geographies, services, manufacturing capabilities and technology. In 2003, we opened our first production facility (in the Netherlands) and our first customer service center (in Jamaica), followed by non-stop expansion around the globe. A powerful combination of great customer value, hard work and growth of e-commerce drove revenues from just [...]

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PIVOTING TO THE WEB (1998 – 2002)

As the internet took flight in the late 1990’s, the company maintained its customer focus on do-it-yourself graphic design and printing for small quantities of full-color print, but also recognized the transformative potential of the Internet. We pioneered two key technologies that would change our industry: browser-based desktop publishing software, and workflow automation software that automatically aggregates very large numbers of small orders into high-quality, [...]

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THE BEGINNING (1994 – 1998)

As a student at INSEAD business school in France, Robert saw opportunity in the difficulty that small businesses faced when they needed great-looking marketing materials in low quantities. The business plan for his new company, Bonne Impression, promised to “remove the limitations previously inherent in low-volume printed communications by providing printing that is low-volume, flexible, high quality, aesthetic, quick, colorful and affordable.” Bonne Impression achieved [...]

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