What do you get when you start a web-to-print company based on the promise of extreme customer service, of doing everything and anything possible to make online printing easy, fast, reliable and “hyper-trustworthy”? When every new team member is required to read the book “Delivering Happiness”, written by the founder of Zappos, a bible in terms of making the customer the center of everything a company does?  And when every team member must work at least once every month in customer service roles, talking to customers? And when you then pump up this extreme customer centricity with passion, speed and a spirit of adventure?

The answer is that you get Easyflyer, a small but rapidly growing company based in Orleans, France. The company is  fast, nimble and dreaming big, with an incredible devotion to customers that makes them stand out from the crowd in the world of online printing.

We are excited to announce that on April 9th, Easyflyer became part of Cimpress. The acquisition supports Cimpress’ strategy of leveraging a common mass-customization platform that we take to market via a portfolio of focused brands.

Easyflyer is based about 100 kilometers southwest of Paris, with approximately 30 team members. Easyflyer was founded four years ago and wows its customers with a wide variety of innovative products, including a massive range of large format products. Easyflyer will enhance the Cimpress brand portfolio in France through its unique and differentiated “any thing to amaze the customer” approach.

Over time, Easyflyer’s products and operational capabilities will be integrated into our mass customization platform, and they will broaden their selection of products by leveraging the capabilities of MCP.




Fabien Pretre, CEO of Easyflyer, will continue in his role along with the Easyflyer senior management team. The team is excited to join Cimpress and about the opportunities this relationship will provide, including the opportunity to leverage our software and manufacturing expertise and our financial strength, while maintaining their distinct customer-focused brand, innovative products and focus on customers in their local market.