Cimpress Open House

Open House 2As part of Northeastern University’s cooperative education program, I began interning for Cimpress and will be returning to classes in the spring. During my time with the company, I am happy to have experienced the transition to a beautifully designed and environmentally friendly work place in Waltham, Massachusetts.

On Friday October 2nd, Cimpress invited team members and their families to join in the Cimpress Open House celebrating the new building with food and festivities. Families enjoyed tours of the space with kids running to see where Mom’s new office was and Cimpress team members excited to meet a colleague’s new addition to the family.

On the main floor, the Waltham team and visitors delighted in the bounty of treats spread out banquet-style in the lobby and cafeteria. There was a sense of energy and enthusiasm among everyone, with families greeting each other, rambunctious kids and a DJ pumping music through the room.

Visitors had the chance to take in some of the exciting features in the new office that their loved ones walk by each day. Some of these features include digital signage throughout the building and in the lobby, large panels featuring vibrant graphics and life-size installations of the Cimpress logo. Families were also able to see products offered by Cimpress brands such as customized water bottles and t-shirts (Vistaprint) and wall graphics and banners (Pixartprinting).

Event attendees also enjoyed sharing pictures of the event via Cimpress’ new twitter handle @Cimpress, captioning pictures, “fun for everyone at the open house!” and “love this company!” You can see a few of them here.

Kira Bornemann
Jr. Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications and Senior at Northeastern University

Cimpress Open House