One year ago we launched Cimpress as our new corporate identity. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in our company’s history and reflects our passion for empowering people to make an impression with personally meaningful, customized products. It also marked the beginning of our journey to build a mass customization platform that we will bring to market through our portfolio of focused brands. Building a platform like this is unchartered territory and illustrative of the entrepreneurial passion and audacity inherent in our company’s culture.

Reflecting on the past year, I’ve never been more proud of our team members and what we’ve accomplished. We’ve made great strides in our development of the platform. We’ve continued to invest in the expansion of our market-defining Vistaprint business unit. And we’ve welcomed several new businesses to Cimpress, including Tradeprint,, Exagroup, and EasyFlyer. With every one of these and other steps forward that our valued team members take they further our company’s career opportunities and the potential for continued growth.

To mark our one year anniversary as Cimpress, we asked team members around the world to explain what being part of our company means to them. I invite you to watch the video and to get a sense for the opportunity, innovation and audacious thinking that define Cimpress.


Robert KeaneRobert Keane founded what is today Cimpress in 1995 to provide small businesses with everything they need to market their business. Robert’s vision for the company emerged from his experience with the development of a retail kiosk design and printing system and from his in-depth knowledge of the small business desktop publishing software market.

Today he leads Cimpress and its portfolio of business units with a clear purpose: to empower millions of people around the world to make a tangible, personal impression.