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Lightning Talks: Learn something new about your colleagues, be entertained, and come together in a fun environment

What do we mean by lightning talks? Is it simply a presentation delivered at the speed of light? A delivery so clear and concise, the audience is struck with understanding? A topic so illuminating, it electrifies and brightens the mind? Hmmm…. Well, bad jokes aside, we do know that lightning talks are meant to be quick, concise, informative, and high energy. And, at Cimpress, we [...]

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Vistaprint Studio: Cimpress’ Mindsets in Action

  I recently had the chance to visit Vistaprint Studio, Vistaprint’s first brick-and-mortar store, located in a vibrant neighborhood in downtown Toronto. I was curious and excited to see, first-hand how we deliver Vistaprint’s products and services in a retail environment. Vistaprint Studio provides customers an opportunity to see and experience our products in person. They can also engage directly with VP Coaches (our team members in [...]

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The Co-Creation Job Interview: Why You Should Consider Taking an Agile Approach to Recruiting

Do you hate job interviews? Almost nobody likes interviews. Hiring managers can be vague about the work. Candidates say whatever they think the interviewer wants to hear. Team members spend long hours talking to prospective talent —then don’t agree on who to pick. So what can you do about it? Well, when a recent opening came up for a graphic designer, we decided to take [...]

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The Spirit of Cimpress India

On Tuesday, August 29th, Mumbai received the heaviest rainfall since 2005 and was completely paralyzed, crippling road, rail and air services, inundating homes and taking the lives of more than 10 people. Thousands of people were stranded for hours before they finally reached their homes. Cars were left behind by owners in flooded streets.   Situation unfolding in the Cimpress India office The day started [...]

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Why I believe Cimpress offers a unique experience for younger people

Cimpress is an ever-evolving company, which I believe offers a unique opportunity to younger people beginning their careers. I joined Cimpress in 2012, on the recommendation from a friend of mine who had just completed an internship here. Having studied Economics and Finance in school, the role at Cimpress couldn’t have been further removed from my studies, but I’m so grateful I took the leap [...]

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Looking outside to improve internally

Across Cimpress, we continually evaluate the way we work to ensure we continue to innovate, challenge the status-quo and remain energized. One of the best ways to do this is to look outside our own company, and even visit other organizations for inspiration.   Softonic, Barcelona, Spain In Barcelona, several Vistaprint leaders visited local software company Softonic, a company with the largest app and software [...]

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Join Cimpress and Earn a $1000 Bonus This Holiday Season

Windsor, Ontario, October 25, 2016 – Cimpress N.V., the world leader in mass customization, today announced the company is offering a $1000.00 bonus payment to temporary team members who join the Lakeshore employer and current active hourly team members, who are committed to working the entire period without interruption from November 14 to December 18. “The demand for customized products is high, particularly during the [...]

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5 Things I Learned on the Vistaprint RV

Vistaprint is on the road this summer, on a 25-week tour of cities across the United States, so team members can meet and connect with customers.  I had the privilege of being onboard recently and learned a lot about our business and our customers. Here are my top five: 1. Vistaprint Businesses Come in All Shapes and Sizes When you’re working side-by-side with customers, you [...]

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24 Hour Hackathon: An insider's look

What’s the appeal of pulling an all-nighter at Cimpress, you might ask? Aside from the free food and camaraderie, a $20,000 prize is pretty appealing. Earlier this month, Cimpress hosted a 24 hour coding marathon challenging team members to build solutions to real-life customer pain points, and to increase the number of APIs on our new Cimpress Open portal (which is still in beta). Up [...]

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Vistaprint President Trynka Shineman's Top 10 Tips for Work-Life Balance

The Cimpress Women in Technology group kicked of their new Speaker Series last month with Vistaprint President and Cimpress Management Board member, Trynka Shineman. Trynka had an open dialogue with the group and answered questions that focused on her career path, leadership, and work-life management. Trynka also shared some tips on finding work/life balance that anyone might find useful. Here is Trynka’s top 10: Batch [...]

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