Cimpress USA Named a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality”

In our second year participating in the CEI survey, Cimpress USA is proud to have earned a score of 100% and the designation of being one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.” Cimpress is committed to supporting all our stakeholders through issues of tolerance, diversity and inclusion.

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Partnering with the Human Rights Campaign to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

At Cimpress, we believe a work environment based on respect, trust and collaboration creates an exceptional employee experience where team members can bring their authentic selves to work and thrive in their careers. That’s why we joined more than 1,000 major businesses in participating in the Human Rights Campaign’s 2020 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) to learn how we can improve our LGBTQ-inclusive workplace policies and [...]

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Cimpress turns 25, yet remains fast and nimble

Twenty-five years ago, the company we now call Cimpress got its start in the spare bedroom of a Paris apartment. Today, Cimpress spans more than a dozen businesses and operates across more than twenty countries. We have many accomplishments to be proud of, yet we know there’s still so much more to achieve!

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In Cimpress Technology, Successful Distributed Teams don’t Happen by Accident

There is real benefit to having a geographically dispersed technology team. For Cimpress, a few include: tapping into the best talent pools in the world, having coverage across many time zones, and having a diverse population that brings unique perspectives to their work.

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Cimpress CFO Sean Quinn featured on the CFO Thought Leader Podcast

Cimpress CFO Sean Quinn was featured recently on the CFO Thought Leader Podcast. In his episode titled "Advancing your long-term view" Sean discusses why Cimpress became more long-term focused, the steps we took to get there, metrics and incentives we use that align with this view, and more. Listen to Sean's episode here. Questions answered in Sean’s episode Why do you think the long-term view [...]

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Cimpress’ Jeff Freeman Takes Home Top Prize for Global Sustainability Leadership

13 businesses, 12 months, 0 to 85% responsibly forested paper: Cimpress’ Jeff Freeman Takes Home Top Prize for Global Sustainability Leadership Cimpress recently set out to increase its use of responsibly forested paper from zero to more than 80 percent across 13 brands worldwide in 12 months. We can confirm today that we have exceeded that goal by five percent with our largest brand, Vistaprint, [...]

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Cimpress Entrepreneurs: Mate Pencz and Florian Hagenbuch of Printi on risk-taking, customer empathy, and flexibility

Mate Pencz (left) and Florian Hagenbuch (right) of Printi went from working as finance analysts in London to becoming risk-taking entrepreneurs in Brazil. Here they discuss how the risk and the challenges eventually paid off. At Cimpress, we talk a lot about “staying small as we get big”. This means that even as we continue to grow past 11,000 team members, we embrace an entrepreneurial [...]

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Finding voice in pies and jellied eels

London. A city where anything and everything is possible. A city where dreams come true. A city where you take an eel, cook it, stick it in jelly and serve as a savory snack. The world is full of contradictions but that didn’t stop Vistaprint’s global copy team from attending a 3-day summit, including the Copywriting Conference 2017, in the heart of the Brexit capital. [...]

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Meet Rafal Nowosielski, a Lead Software Engineer at Cimpress Technology

Interested in learning more about our company? Check out some of our employees' experiences working at Cimpress Technology in their different roles! This month, we feature Rafal Nowosielski, a Lead Software Engineer at our offices in Winterthur, Switzerland

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