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Every day, people all over the world send us orders for customized, personally meaningful products that will be used to make an impression.

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Ger's Bike shop order:

Business cards


Water Bottles


Million customized items produced last year

Million customers

New products launched last year

Customer-facing brands

Production plants

Occupying square meters

Thousands of variables in the
production decision making process (It all happens in seconds)

Ger's bike shop order = Optimal production location: Venlo
Shipping method: 2 Day, FEDEX

Millions of personalized product orders go into our
mass customization platform (MCP)

Hundreds of variables and decisions go into making each product – machines, inventory, location, shipping method, labor cost, availability – and these decisions need to happen quickly.

Here is where the true innovation and magic happens: Millions of orders (just like Ger’s) go into production and are manufactured into a completely unique, personalized product that businesses and consumers can use to make the impression that matters most to them.

Uniquely designed items


Manufacturing professionals

Emroidery stitches per minute

That’s millions of unique products. From start to finish, design to delivery, part of a process that feels seamless to customers.

Garments decorated

Signs made

Business cards produced

Ger's Bike shop order

That takes some serious code. And some amazing people to write it.

Team members


We’re in uncharted territory, drawing our own map. We’re investing in our people and our platform and doing things that no one else has done before.

People who know it all

years of consecutive growth

$1.3 billion cumulative investment in technology and manufacturing

$ billion market opportunity

Millions of unknown variables to our work

It's a big job, an important job. And we need your help to make Ger, and others like him, create their own impression.

We've helped more than Million journeys get started so far

Where we go next is up to you.

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