The launch of Cimpress is an historic occasion – we are writing a new chapter as we move forward with our strategy and our goal to be the world leader in mass customization.

We have a two decade history in which we have started a major market transformation, yet the next twenty years promise to be even more exciting.  Great companies are constantly evolving and, as they change, they leverage core strengths to build future competitive advantage. This is what we are doing with our strategic direction and the move to Cimpress as our corporate identity is part of that evolution.

Businesses and consumers are still too often forced to choose between the ease and flexibility of digital communications and a more enduring, tangible connection with their audience. We are changing that. Our mass customization capabilities empower customers to make real and palpable connections with the simplicity and personalization that people have come to expect from today’s digital world.

No other company comes close to our scale or ability to mass customize products, yet until recently, this was linked to only the Vistaprint brand. We have grown beyond this single brand to have a portfolio of brands which include Albelli, Digipri, Drukwerkdeal, Pixartprinting, Vistaprint, Webs and more. Through our strength in mass customization and by exposing this strength across our multiple brands, we will empower millions of people to make an impression and continue on our journey to create a transformational and enduring business.

What has been most gratifying to me over the years so far is the creation of opportunity. We’re still at the beginning of this opportunity and that is what excites me. The market is enormous, we’re the biggest player out there, and we’re investing for the long term.

I’ve always appreciated seeing engaged teams who love the career they are building, who are professionally challenged, are able to have a work-life balance, who see us as a company who is both socially responsible and economically relevant. As we begin this new chapter here at Cimpress, there is only more opportunity to see such things happening. It is a great time to join us.

By Robert Keane, President and CEO, Cimpress