Our Structure

Our organizational structure is an important enabler of our business strategy. It combines the benefits of global scale with local focus. We are organized into three distinct yet connected parts:

Our strong and growing portfolio of autonomous, customer-facing business units that go to market with one or more brands

Manufacturing, technology, product and supply chain teams that continually evolve our mass customization platform

A small number of lean corporate functions that ensure strong governance, strategic planning, collective effectiveness and that we are highly aligned with our long term vision and goals

Cimpress China

Located in Shanghai, Cimpress China leverages Cimpress' technological advantages in both software and hardware to offer multi-channel end-to-end solutions to a variety of online and offline brands and distributors who would like to offer customization services. Through its own direct online channels, Cimpress China will also offer an extensive, customized promotional products and gifts (PPAG) in very small quantities in the future. Learn more about Cimpress China.

Cimpress Japan

Cimpress Japan is becoming a leading company in the Japanese mass customization and web-to-print markets. Under two brands, Cimpress Japan enables small to medium sized businesses to easily market their businesses through business essential products, promotional products, decorated apparel and gifts.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions offers wholesale solutions for corporate accounts who want to outsource the front end design and/or the back end printing of customized products.


Located in Leobersdorf, Austria, Druck.at is a leading Austrian web-to-print company that produces traditional small and large format printed products, including magazines, folders, flyers, business cards, signs and banners. The company serves small and medium business (SMB) customers that have design and editing capabilities and don’t rely on design templates, as well as resellers such as graphic designers, print brokers, and local print shops.



Easyflyer is an innovative, rapidly growing web-to-print start-up located in Orleans, France. The comany offers a wide range of large format and small format printed products and serves customers of all sizes including micro-business, small-medium business as well as large enterprises and government organizations.



Located in Mauguio, France, Exagroup is one of the leading online printing businesses in Europe and the largest company in the French web-to-print market. The company is solely focused on the needs of resellers and offers a wide range of printed products, with a strong focus on small format offerings like business cards, flyers and brochures. Although the majority of Exagroup's customers are in France, the company recently expanded into Spain, Italy, and the UK.


National Pen

National Pen Company, based in San Diego, CA, is the leading provider of a wide array of customized writing instruments for small and medium business in more than 20 countries. The company also sells other promotional products including travel mugs, water bottles, tech gadgets and trade show items. Similar to National Pen, the company goes to market in Canada as Perfect Pen and Stationary and is a leading provider of personalized products in that region.


Pixartprinting is a web-to-print business with operations located in Italy and Boston, MA. Pixartprinting’s customers are graphic design agencies, print resellers and local printers that serve small and medium businesses with flyers, decorated apparel, signs, banners and other printed products.


Located in the Netherlands, Printdeal is an online printing leader that focuses on customers who upload print-ready graphics files such as resellers and design-savvy micro, small and medium businesses.


Located in Brazil, Printi is a web-to-print business that serves small businesses and individuals in the Brazilian market. Printi offers over 6,000 different combinations of printed products. Today, Cimpress owns 49.9 percent of Printi.


Tradeprint is a leading online printing company located in Dundee, Scotland. The company offers traditional small-format printed products that include flyers, business cards, brochures, leaflets and posters, and specialize in the “upload and print” model, which caters to professionals who use their own designs and don’t rely on pre-designed templates.


Vistaprint serves small businesses and home and family customers across more than 20 countries, from North America, to Europe, to Australia.

Digital small business products are developed at Webs and marketed under both the Webs and Vistaprint brands.

Vistaprint India

Our Indian operations currently sell as the Vistaprint brand, and constitutes one of our fastest growing business units.


WIRmachenDRUCK, a German web-to-print company, offers graphic designers and print resellers an exciting range of highly customized products at low-cost prices; from promotional products to customized beverage cans. WIRmachenDRUCK’s internet-based network of production partners allows the company to offer its customers a massive selection of products and finishing options at reasonable prices.