Cimpress is in a very exciting transformational moment. We went from a high-tech startup to a billion dollar company as Vistaprint, with a breakthrough innovation that created a market. We had a fast moving, exciting organization that was aligned with a single purpose, and successful. Heady stuff, but ultimately all good things end.

Over the past year we’ve developed a strategy to take mass-customization to a whole new level.  We have kept the entrepreneurial spirit, but now we are structuring our company with a platform group that makes us the world leader in the technology and operations of mass customization and multiple front-end business units that will address a wide range of customers and markets around the world. This platform will have a shared vision for empowering our customers to make an impression.

We will all work together toward this end.  With this common goal and strategy, it will be very important to give our business units the latitude to create the right culture and environment to create great value for their customers and employees.

Cimpress is one of the rare companies that has made the transformation from its original business model to a larger company with a new strategy – but without losing the entrepreneurial spirit that makes us an exciting company. We have added (not taken away) opportunities to build a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Judging from the last couple of years, this will make Cimpress an interesting place, to say the least.  One of our values is “audacity” – and this is an audacious strategy.  We will be consistently finding new opportunities, and expanding and adapting to accommodate them.

For our people, this means consistent challenge along with that opportunity.  Cimpress is not a place for people looking to glide through routine days – change is often afoot, and those who thrive on a dynamic environment find this a great place to work. And all of this is against a backdrop of a growing and expanding company. It’s nice to be a part of a winning team!

By Jim Cutler, Chief Talent Officer